And the first ALAI European Authors’ Right Award goes to…

On the evening of 14 May, GESAC and ALAI played host to the first-ever ALAI European Authors’ Right Award Ceremony. The purpose of the award is to encourage young researchers and students to pursue research in the area of authors’ right. Together, GESAC and ALAI hope to promote the next generation of experts on authors’ right.

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Hannes Henk and Frank Gotzen

A major achievement for Europe: GESAC welcomes the final adoption of the Copyright Directive

Brussels, 15 April 2019 – The European Council of Ministers decided to formally adopt the Copyright Directive today. The adoption follows on from the European Parliament’s positive vote on 26 March. The EU institutions have aligned to stand-up against free-riding tech giants’ manipulation and properly regulate their use of creative content. The new Directive will bring an end to the current unfairness in the market and empower creators.

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